Monday, March 16, 2009

Lawn Aerating

This is a business idea that works great in the spring, but can be done several times during the year.

Rent an aerator. Get a friend to help and that you pay.

You take turns going from door to door and offer to aerate lawns for $30 per lawn or whatever the market in your area will take.

The other person runs the aerator, zipping around the lawns of the people who have paid for the service.

In one day you can each make from $150 - $300, depending on how quick you are with the aerator and how long your muscles last.

Many people do it with a rental machine until they get good enough and enough business to buy their own.

Or, hire a couple of guys to run machines and you go from door to door getting business. You can get many more lawns done this way. Pay the kids by the hour and you can make some serious money.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

iPhone Applications

There's gold in them thar iPhones!

Lots of people are creating little applications, some with just a week or two of programming, and they are making tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

One company made more money in just a few months than it did in 5 years selling software the normal way.

You have to get the Apple SDK for the iPhone apps from Apple's site, I think it costs $150. Then you need to be able to figure it out, or get the idea and buddy up with a programmer who knows what he/she is doing, and get your application together.

Then, register it with the ap store on iTunes and get going!

Most people making money are selling their apps for 99 cents and they get thousands of people on board.

Those trying to get traditional dollars for their applications aren't doing as well, although there are some exceptions.

Good luck!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Weird title I know.

This idea comes from a college student who put himself through school by selling merchandise from Costco through Ebay.

How did he do that? Well, I'll tell you!

He would find something on the Costco site he thought was cool.
He would then list it for sale on Ebay with the minimum acceptable bid as the price he would have to pay at Costco.

He then listed the shipping price as the price he would have to pay to ship it.

When someone won the item he would get their payment, order the item from Costco and then have it shipped to the person.

Fast, easy, and no inventory.

What a cool idea.

Friday, February 15, 2008

More Home Based Jobs to Try

Here's more home-based jobs I've come up with today.

There are so many possibilities out there that something, somewhere ought to tickle your fancy.

Take online surveys.
Send out emails.
Create a blog with great information and become THE expert people want to pay and consult with them.
Create a one day seminar on a topic that interests you and have people pay to come.
Invest in real estate by buying homes on short sales just before they go to foreclosure.
Wash and clean people's cars at their own house.
Be a housecall jeweler with your own trailer with your own shop inside.
Collect old denim pants and make quilts out of them.
Get an embroidering machine and do custom embroidery at home.
Get a quilting machine and charge people to use it - per inch or per hour.
Get others to make custom quilts and have a quilters outlet in your home.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

1,100 Business Ideas - FREE!

While I have copyrighted this list, you are free to graze through the list of 1,100 ideas and hopefully discover one or more home-based jobs that you will love instead of hate.

Granted, you may have to think a little about some of them to decide exactly what I meant when I wrote it down, but think of it as a treasure hunt for that one job that will not only bring you happiness, but money as well.

Ads in Restaurant Restrooms
Adult Education Classes
Adventure Trip Planning (white water, etc.)
Advertising - Flyer Delivery
Advertising - for Foreign Companies
Advertising - Layout & Design
Aerobics Instruction
Air Brushing
Airplane Washing
Aluminum Recycling
Animals - Bee Keeping
Animals - Cage building and Sales
Animals - Cat Breeding
Animals - Cat Training
Animals - Dog Breeding
Animals - Dog Grooming
Animals - Dog Training
Animals - Exotic Birds
Animals - Feed Supplier
Animals - Fish Fishing Ponds
Animals - Game Bird Raising
Animals - Horse Boarding
Animals - Horse Breeding
Animals - Horse Consultant
Animals - Horse Exercising
Animals - Horse Grooming
Animals - Horse Renting
Animals - Horse Riding Lessons
Animals - Horse Training
Animals - Obedience Training
Animals - Parrot Breeding
Animals - Parrot Training Tricks & Talking
Animals - Pet Motel
Animals - Pet Sitting
Animals - Pigeon Raising
Animals / Plants Tropical Fish & Aquariums or Plants to Offices
Animals - Rabbits Raising for Meat & Fur
Animals - Tropical Fish Raising & Selling
Animals - Walking
Answering Service
Antennae Installation
Appliance - Painting
Appliance - Parts Supplying
Appliance - Service and Repair
Architecture - Designing
Architecture - Rendering
Art - Broker
Art - Cartooning
Art - Drawing
Art - Drawing Figure Drawing & Painting
Art - Egg Decorating
Art - Graphic Arts Audio Visual Aids
Art - Illustrator
Art - Logo Designer
Art - Selling Paintings
Art - Selling Sculpture
Art - Teaching
Art - Teaching Sculpture
Artistic Paper Making & Sales
Asphalt Driveway Repair
Audio Tape Duplicating
Audio Tape Recording
Audio Tape Taping Life Histories
Auto - Antifreeze Recycling
Auto - Appraisals
Auto - Body Repair
Auto - Broker go to Auctions for people
Auto - Buying and Selling
Auto - Chrome work
Auto - Detailing
Auto - Engine Repair
Auto - Fix-up and Sell
Auto - Painting
Auto - Pinstriping
Auto - Recreational Vehicle Cleaning
Auto - Repair
Auto - Repair Paint Chips and Scratches
Auto - Restoration
Auto - Self Sales Lot Lease Roadside Space
Auto - Stereo sales and installation
Auto - Emissions Testing
Auto - Safety Inspections

Baby Care Classes
Babysitter Broker
Backhoe Work
Bad News Telephone Calls
Balloons Advertising
Balloons Bouquets
Balloons Hot Air repair
Balloons Hot Air rides
Balloons Rooftop Advertising renting
Barbecue Repair
Barbecuer for Parties
Basketry - Make & Sell
Bathtub and Tile Reglazing
Bead Necklace Production
Bead Weaving
Beauty Pageant Training
Bed & Breakfast
Bench Design & Sales
Bicycle - Painting
Bicycle - Repair
Bicycle - Sales / Fix Up and Sell
Bill Collecting
Birthday Party Planner /organizer
Blade Sharpener
Boat Motor Repair
Bobcat Rental
Book Recipe Publishing
Books - Personalized for Kids
Boot Making
Bridal Accessories
Bridal Veil Making
Bridle - Repair
Brochure Design and Production
Broker - Mailing Lists
Bulk Food Broker
Business - Arbitration
Business - Card Printing
Business - Finance Consulting
Business - Negotiator
Business - Organization Files & Filing
Business - Planner
Business - Plans Writing, Designing, Producing
Butler for Hire
Butler / Maid for Parties
Button Making - with photos
Buying Service

Cabinet Making
Cabinets Refurbishing
Calendar Design
Calendars Scheduling
Calligraphy Announcements and Certificates
Camera - Repair
Camera Repair - Video Cameras
Campground Cleaning
Canoe Making
Car Registering for Others
Carpet - Cleaning
Carpet - Laying
Carriage Rides
Carving Carving and Selling Carvings
Carving Ice
Caulking / Weatherproofing Homes
Ceiling and Wall Cleaning
Centerpiece Supply
Ceramic - Greenware Sales
Ceramic - Pots Making and Selling
Certificates Design & Production
Certified Instructor
Child Sport Team and Game Photos
Children - Baby Care Classes
Children - Babysitter Broker
Children - Babysitting/Daycare
Children - Night Care
Chimney Sweep
Chimney Sweep Broker
Cholesterol Screening
Christmas - Bicycle Assembly
Christmas - Computer Set Up
Christmas - Outside Light Setup & Takedown
Christmas - Toy Assembler
Christmas Tree Ornament Design & Sales
Christmas Tree Sales
Church and Organization Directories
Cleaning Maid Service
Clerical Worker
Clock - Repair
Clock - Restoring
Clocks - from business cards, photos and logos
Clothing Kids
Clothing Used High Quality Clothes Broker
Clowns For Hire (parties)
Coin Collecting & Reselling
Collections Doctors & Dentists
College Money / Scholarship Information
Comforters. Designing
Comforters Quilting/Making
Computer Animator
Computer - Billing
Computer - CAD / Cam
Computer - Component Installation
Computer - Component Installation
Computer - Data Entry
Computer - Diskette Duplication
Computer - Graphics Scanning
Computer - Hard Disk Replacements
Computer - Hard Disk Sales
Computer - Hard Disk Testing
Computer - Help
Computer - Icon Artist
Computer - Kids Computer Classes
Computer - Laser printing by the page
Computer - Manual Usability Testing
Computer - Memory Upgrading
Computer - Mobile Enabler
Computer - Network Troubleshooting
Computer - Optical Document Scanning
Computer - Photograph Repair
Computer - Programming
Computer - Sales
Computer - Screen Artist
Computer - Software Design
Computer - Software Engineer
Computer - Software Testing
Computer - Software - Usability Testing
Computer - User Interface Design
Concrete - Driveway Molding
Concrete - Driveway - Removal & Replacement
Concrete - Panel Molding & Sales
Concrete - Pouring
Concrete - Sealing
Congratulation Basket - Making, Sales, Delivery
Construction - Basement Finishing
Construction - Cabinet Making
Construction - Cabinet Refurbishing
Construction - Carpentry
Construction - Carpentry Lessons
Construction - Casket Building & Sales
Construction - Dog Houses
Construction - Drywall Hanging
Construction - Fences
Construction - Framing
Construction - Gazebos Building & Selling
Construction - Job Estimating
Construction - Kitchen Remodeling
Construction - Log Cabins
Construction - Real Estate Signs
Construction - Remodeling
Construction - Sheds
Construction - Stucco - Repair
Consultant - Advertising
Consultant - Broker Retired Executives
Consultant - Business Finance
Consultant - Business Merchandise Display
Consultant - Color Consultant for Clothes & Makeup
Consultant - Consultant Broker
Consultant - Corporate Image
Consultant - Diet
Consultant - Electronic Data Processing Security
Consultant - Employee Rewards
Consultant - Employee Search
Consultant - Employment Interviewing
Consultant - Environmental
Consultant - Exercise
Consultant - Exercise Programs
Consultant - Fashion
Consultant - Fund Raiser
Consultant - Marketing for Small Businesses
Consultant - Recycling
Consultant - Tax Reduction
Consultant - Weight Training
Consulting - Business Merchandise Display
Consulting - Corporate Recycling
Consulting - Investment
Consulting - Marketing for Small Businesses
Cooking - Cakes Decorating Classes
Cooking - Cakes Special Occasion
Cooking - Cakes Wedding
Cooking - Candy making Chocolates
Cooking - Candy making Suckers
Cooking - Cheesecake Making
Cooking - Chef for parties
Cooking - Chef Oriental Food Delivered
Cooking - Desserts
Cooking - Food Decoration
Cooking - Fresh Bread
Cooking - Fruit Canning Jam
Cooking - Fruit Canning Lessons
Cooking - Lessons
Cooking - Lessons General
Cooking - Lessons Ice Cream Making
Cooking - Pie Making Lessons
Cooking - Pie Making Sales
Cooking - Specialty Baking by Order
Copy - Editor
Copy - Writing
Copymaking with your own copier
Corporate Bed and Breakfast
Cosmetics Sales
Coupon Books - Creation
Coupon Books - Sales
Courier Service
Course Planning
CPR Lessons
Crafts / Handicrafts - Boutique
Crafts / Handicrafts - Boutique Organizing
Crafts / Handicrafts - Making and Selling
Curb Addresses Painting
Custom Greeting Cards
Custom Iron Work
Custom Slides/Presentation Aids
Customer Service via Telephone

Damage Appraisal for Insurance
Dance Band
Dance - Square Dance Caller
Dating Service
Debt Negotiator
Decoration Making
Delivery Lunch to Office Buildings
Delivery Service
Demolition House & Building
Dental Lab
Diet Weight Control Consultant
Disaster Cleanup
Discount Houses Buying from
Disk Sales
DJ for Dances
Dolls - Antique Restoration
Dolls - Clothes Making
Dolls - Collecting
Dolls - Furniture Making
Dolls - House Making
Dolls - Making
Dolls - Making Ceramic
Dolls - Making Cloth
Dolls - Repairing
Dolls - Selling
Dolls - Trading Broker
Drafting by hand
Drafting Electronic
Drain Cleaning/Unclogging
Drama Technique Coach
Draperies - Cleaning
Draperies - Design
Draperies - Making
Draperies - Repair
Draperies - Sewing
Dried Flower Arranging
Dry Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery
Dump Truck Rental - You and Your Truck
Dyeing Custom
Dyeing Tie Dyeing

Ear Piercing
Earring Design
Ebay Auction Selling
Ebay Store - Start
Editing Book Proposal Consultation
Emergency 72 Hour Kit making/selling
Employee Counseling
Employee Rating
Employee Training
Employment Agency
Employment Interviewing Consultant
Empty Lot - Weed Control for Absent Owners
Emu - Breeding
Emu - Raising & Egg Sales
Engine Degreasing
Engine Repair Small
Engraving by I land
Engraving by Machine
Entertaining - Catering or Large Parties
Entertaining - Clowns For Hire (parties)
Entertaining - Finger Plays
Equipment Rental
Estate Planning
Etching Glass
Event Planning Engagement Asking Events
Evergreen Tree Production and Sales
Eviction Specialist
Executive Search
Executives Recruiting
Executives Training
Exercise - Equipment Sales
Exercise - Program Designing
Exercise - Room Designer
Exercise - Therapy
Exporting Marketing
Extra Room as Storage Rental

Face Painting at Fairs, Swap Meets, Art Festivals
Factory Second Outlet
Fall Leaf Gathering with Leaf Blower
Family - Counseling
Family - Memory Books
Family - Photo Collections put on CD
Family Reunion - Consultant
Family Reunion - Game Organizer
Family Reunion - Planning
Family Reunion - Videos
Fashion Consultant
Fashion Drawing
Fashion Personal Buying Consultant
Fashion Show Producing
Fiberglass - Mold Making
Fiberglass Repair Boats & Cars
Financial Analyst
Financial Counselor
Fingernail - Painting
Fingernail Sculpturing
Fire Extinguisher Sales
Fireplace Design
Firewood Sales
Firewood Splitting
Flagpoles Sales & Installation
Flags - Commercial Buildings - Sales & Cleaning
Flags - Pole Installation & Maintenance
Flags - Sales
Flea Markets Sales
Floor - Hardwood Damaged Spot Repair
Floor - Hardwood Installation
Floor - Hardwood Restoration
Flower Seed - Spring Sprouting & Sales
Flowers - Arranging
Flowers - Corsage Making
Flowers - Sales Cut flowers from curb
Flowers - Silk Arranging
Fly Tieing
Folk Dancing/Square Dancing
Food Drying
Food Fruit Canning Private label
Food Preservation
Food - Sales at Art Festivals & Swap Meets
Fortune Cookie Message Writing
Foundation Leak Repair
Foundation Stabilization
Freelance Trainer for Organizations
Fruit Tree Production
Functions Designer
Fund Raiser
Fund Raiser Organizer
Fund Raising Product Seller
Furnace - Carbon Dioxide Leak Detection
Furnace - Checking
Furnace - Cleaning
Furnace - Filter Replacement
Furniture - Antique Chair / Furniture Restoration
Furniture - Chair Recaning
Furniture - Chair Rerushing
Furniture - Cleaning
Furniture - Design
Furniture - Finishing
Furniture - Making
Furniture - Office Used
Furniture - Paint/Varnish Stripping
Furniture - Refinishing
Furniture - Repair
Furniture - Upholstery
Furniture - Used Sales

Games - Designing
Games - Educational Designing
Games - Educational Sales
Garage Doors Installation and Repair
Garage Sales Buy From Others and Resell
Garage Sales Run for others
Garden / Fish Pond Design & Installation
Garden Plant Starts
Garden Produce Raising and Selling
Garden Specialist
Gardens Selling Produce
Gemstone - Appraising
Gemstone - Broker Used Jewelry
Gemstone - Diamonds Selling
Gemstone - Polishing & Faceting
Gemstone - Selling
Gemstones - Broker Used Jewelry
Genealogical Research
Genealogist Family History Researcher & Writer
Genealogy Typing Records onto forms or into computer
Giant Lawn Greeting Cards Rentals
Gift Basket Sales & Delivery
Gilt Baskets Designing & Making
Golf Balls Collecting & Sales
Golf Clubs Used Sales
Gown Design / making
Gown Redesigning / Remaking
Grandfather Clock Kit Building/Selling
Grandfather Clock - Repair
Grandfather Clock - Restoration
Graphic Arts Business Image Creation
Graphic Arts Paste Up/Layout & Design
Grocery Buying Service
Ground Cover - Spring Sprouting & Sales
Gun - Engraving
Gun - Restoring
Gun - Stock Carving

Hair Cuts
Hair Removal (Electrolysis)
Hair Styling
Ham Radio Operator
Hand Writing Analysis
Hat Making
Helping People Back into Workplace
Herb and Vitamin sales
Herb Gardening
Herb Sales
High School CD-Rom Yearbooks
Hobby Classes
Hobby Supplies Sales
Holiday - Haunted House
Holiday - Parties - Large Charge for Admittance
Holiday - Specialty Pumpking Carving
Holiday - US Flag Installation & Removal
Holiday - Yard Decorator
Home Care Elderly
Home Inspections
Home Travel Agency
Home Visiting - Elderly for Absent Family
Hop Scotch Painting game outline on driveways
Hot Tub Maintenance and Repair
House - Cleaning
House - Closet Organizing
House - Fix up and Sales
House - Organizing
House - Painting
House - Plants Raising for Sale
House - Sitting
Hub Caps Used Sales
Hunting - Ducks Lessons
Hunting - Trips Guide
Hunting - Trips Organizer

Information Broker
Information Broker Database Seller
Insect Control
Instructional Design
Insulation Sales & Installation
Insurance Adjustor
Insurance Sales
Interior Design
Internet - Affiliate for Commercial Sites
Internet - Affiliate Programs on Your Page
Internet - Animated GIF Images
Internet - Auction Sales
Internet - Buttons, Dials, Specialty Controls
Internet - Clip Art Sales
Internet - Graphic Design
Internet - Logos
Internet - Product Sales
Internet - Report Sales
Internet - Research
Internet - Web Site Designer
Interview Training for Executives
Interview Training for Job Seekers
Investment Counselor

Jewelry Appraisal
Jewelry - Design
Jewelry - Estate - Buy and Resell
Jewelry Making
Jewelry Necklace / Bead Restringing
Jewelry - Repair
Jewelry Selling
Job Hunting Instruction
Job Placement

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
Kitchen Counter Refinishing
Knitting By Order

Landscape Design
Landscape - Leveling
Lathing - Doll Furniture
Lathing - Miniatures - bowls, cups, chess sets
Lathing - Mont Blanc Pens
Lathing - Special Orders
Lathing - Walking Sticks
Lathing - Wood Bowl Sales
Lawn Furniture Rewebbing
Leadership Retreat Organizer
Lessons - Band Instruments
Lessons - Basic Photography
Lessons - Basket Making
Lessons - Cake Decorating
Lessons - Ceramic Pot Throwing
Lessons - Chain Saw Wood Carving
Lessons - Cheesecake Making
Lessons - Computer Programming C++
Lessons - Computer Programming Java
Lessons - Computer Programming Windows
Lessons - Computer Repair
Lessons - Cooking Pastry Making
Lessons - CPR
Lessons - Decorative Sand Blasting
Lessons - Decorative Vinegar in bottles
Lessons - Diction Coach
Lessons - Drama
Lessons - Driving
Lessons - Drum Making
Lessons - Egg Shell Carving
Lessons - Entertaining Dinners & Dining
Lessons - Etiquette
Lessons - Family History Research
Lessons - First Aid
Lessons - Fishing & Fly Fishing
Lessons - Flight Ground School
Lessons - Flying
Lessons - Framing & Matting Pictures
Lessons - Gardening
Lessons - Glass Etching
Lessons - Golf
Lessons - Golf Videos
Lessons - Grace and Manners
Lessons - Graphic Arts
Lessons - Guitar
Lessons - Gymnastics
Lessons - Home Repair
Lessons - HTML
Lessons - Internet Use
Lessons - Jewelry Making & Repair
Lessons - Knitting
Lessons - Lamaz Classes
Lessons - Landscaping
Lessons - Leatherwork
Lessons - Lifeguard
Lessons - Macrame
Lessons - Martial Arts Karate, Kung Eu, Aikedo
Lessons - Modeling
Lessons - Music Ear Training
Lessons - Music Piano
Lessons - Music Voice
Lessons - Parasailing
Lessons - Photo Restoration
Lessons - Photography
Lessons - Programming
Lessons - Quilt Making
Lessons - Radio Control Airplane Operation
Lessons - Resume Writing
Lessons - Reupholstery
Lessons - Scrap Booking
Lessons - Scuba Diving
Lessons - Search & Rescue
Lessons - Sewing
Lessons - Sign Making
Lessons - Skiing
Lessons - Skydiving
Lessons - Specific Computer Software Programs
Lessons - Speed Reading
Lessons - Sports
Lessons - Stained Glass
Lessons - String Instruments
Lessons - Swimming
Lessons - Swimming - Adult Classes
Lessons - Tennis
Lessons - Tole Painting
Lessons - Tutoring Reading, Math, English
Lessons - Vinegar Bottle Making - for Groups
Lessons - Violin
Lessons - Voice Elocution
Lessons - Web Page Design
Lessons - Wedding Cakes
Lessons - Wind Surfing
Lessons - Windows 95/95/ME/2000/NT
Lessons - Woodspirit Carving
Lessons - Wreath Making
Lessons - Yard Care Tree Pruning
Letter Writing for Foreign Companies
Limo Rentals
Live Tree Carving
Log Home Selling

Machine Shop
Macrame Custom Plant Holders
Maid for Hire
Mail Drop
Mail Order Computer Matchmaking
Mail Order Sales
Mailing Lists
Mailing Service
Maintenance / Janitorial buildings
Management - Training
Marble and Hardwood Restoration
Market Restaurants Menu Items to Homes
Master of Ceremonies
Metal Detecting For Lost Objects
Mineral Water Bottling
Miniature Collecting
Miniatures Making
Miniatures Selling
Miniblind and Ceiling Fan Cleaning
Mobile - Auto Lube
Mobile - Bicycle Repair
Mobile - Car Repair
Mobile - Car Wash
Mobile - Ceiling Fan Installation
Mobile - Ceiling Fan Leveler / Maintenance
Mobile - Disc Jockey
Mobile - Document Shredding for Businesses
Mobile - Fertilizer Delivery
Mobile - Fruit Tree Picking
Mobile - Fruit Tree Spraying
Mobile - Garden Care
Mobile - Garden Harvesting
Mobile - Garden Planting
Mobile Gymnastics Instruction
Mobile - Hot Tub Cleaning
Mobile - Hot Tub Maintenance
Mobile - Hot Tub Repair
Mobile - Medical Supplies
Mobile - Oil Changing
Mobile - Propane Tank Exchanges
Mobile - Window and Door Rescreening
Mobile - Windshield Chip Repair
Mobile - Windshield Replacement
Model Train - Antiques - Sales on Internet
Model Train Collecting
Model Train Repair
Modeling Fashion
Mouse & Rat Control
Movie Reviewer
Music - Children’s Music Appreciation Classes
Music Using Computer to Score Music
Musical Instrument Repair

Name Generator for Products
Needlecraft sales
Neighborhood video rentals
Net repairing Sports
Newsletter Publishing
Newspaper - Carrier
Newspaper - Carrier Supervisor
Newspaper - Clipping Service
Newspaper - Self Published for New Homeowners
Nutritional Counseling

Ostrich - Breeding
Ostrich - Egg Sales

Painting For Sale Signs (Grocery)
Painting - Stucco
Painting - Wall Murals - Inside or Outside
Painting - Walls - Ragging
Painting - Walls - Sponging
Painting - Wood Fence Staining
Pantyhose Distributor
Parties Holiday Planning
Party - Juggler
Party Plan Jewelry
Party Plan Toys
Party Plan Tupperware
Party Planning "bag of tricks"
Pawn Shop
Perfume Sales
Personal Care Barber Shop
Personal Fitness Trainer
Personal Grooming Dress Accessories
Personal Grooming Men
Personal Safety Products and Seminars
Personal Shopper
Pest Control
Photographer Selling Your Pictures
Photography Aerial Using Remote Control Planes
Photography Black and White Developing
Photography Custom Photo Developing
Photography Fashion
Photography Models
Photography Send in Slides to Slide Libraries
Photography Sittings
Photography Video Life Histories
Photography Video Special Occasions
Photography Video Weddings
Photography Weddings
Physical Therapy
Piano - Repair
Piano - Repair Finish Damage
Piano - Restoration
Piano - Tuning
Pictures - Matting & Framing
Planning Family Recreation
Plaster Decorating
Play Equipment Building and Selling
Play Equipment - Repair
Play Ground Equipment Installation
Playground - Design
Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning
Power Tool - Repair & Maintenance
Printers - Re-inking Cartridges
Private Professional office
Program Evaluation
Program Evaluations
Project Manager
Public speaking
Publishing Advertising Flyers
Publishing By the Page
Publishing Company Magazine
Publishing Employee Newsletter / Magazine

Questionnaire Designer
Quilts Making
Quilts Selling

Rag Making For Schools & Businesses
Rain Gutter - Installation
Rain Gutter - Repair
Rain Gutters
Rain Gutters Installation, cleaning & repair
Raise, Dry & Sell Flowers
Real Estate - Apartment / Building Handiman
Real Estate Apartment Management
Real Estate - Appraisals
Recycling Aluminum
Recycling - Laser Printers
Recycling Newspapers
Referral Service (to best buys)
Rent Air-inflated rides for events
Rental All Occasion Signs
Rental All Terrain Vehicles
Rental Boat
Rental Camping Equipment
Rental - Canoe / Row Boat
Rental - Cars
Rental - Computer Equipment
Rental Hot Tubs
Rental Jet Skis
Rental Mobile Home
Rental - Motorcycles
Rental Snow Mobile
Rental Sports Equipment
Repair Appliances
Repair Auto
Repair Barbecue
Repair Bicycle
Repair - Camping Equipment
Repair Computer
Repair Furnace
Repair Guitar
Repair Lawn Mower
Repair Motorcycle
Repair Sewing Machine
Repair Telephone
Repair Television
Repair - Tents
Repair Typewriter
Repair Vacuum Cleaner
Repair VCR
Repair Violin
Restaurant Meal Delivery
Restaurants Menu Designer
Resume Writing
Road Rally Organizer for Group Entertainment
Rock hounding Expedition Organizer
Roofing Cedar Shakes Installation

Saddle Making
Saddle - Repair
Sail Making
Sales Advertising Novelties
Sales Bulk Food Order Taker
Sales Buy and Sell Produce
Sales Catalog Sales
Sales - Child ID Card - Laminated
Sales Consignment
Sales Crystal Ware
Sales Crystals
Sales Cutlery
Sales - Decorative Bottles for Vinegar Making
Sales Dinnerware
Sales Eggs
Sales - Fire Extinguishers
Sales Fireplace inserts
Sales - First Aid Kits
Sales Floor Covering Remnants
Sales Food Supplements
Sales Franchise Opportunities
Sales Go to wholesale shows and find a product
Sales Herbal Tablets
Sales Log Cabins
Sales Magazine Subscriptions
Sales Mail Order
Sales Memberships
Sales Mini Blinds
Sales Newspaper Subscriptions
Sales Nightcrawlers
Sales Prom Dresses Seconds & Used
Sales Real Estate
Sales Sales Training
Sales Seconds from Manufacturer
Sales Silverware
Sales Tents & Camping Gear
Sales - Training
Sales Vitamins & Minerals
Sales Wall Coverings
Sales Water Bed Sheets, comforters, heaters
Sales Water Beds
Sales Wood Stoves
Sand Painting
Sand Pile - Design
Sand Pile - Installation
Sand Pile - Sand Delivery
Santa Claus
Satellite - Dish Installation
Satellite - Dish Maintenance
Scholarship Information
School Teacher Substitute
Scrap Book - Making for Others
Scrap Book - Supplies - Sales
Scuba Diving Equipment Repair
Scuba Diving School
Seafood Broker
Semi Truck & Trailer Washing
Seminar Broker
Seminars Job Searching
Seminars Marketing for Small Businesses
Seminars - Small/Home Business Startup
Seminars Weekly Arranging
Set up Businesses for Credit Card Acceptance
Sewing Athletics Jerseys
Sewing Designing
Sewing Dress Making
Sewing Dress Making Pattern Design
Sewing Embroidery
Sewing Gown Design/making
Sewing Gown Redesigning/Remaking
Sewing Mending
Sewing New Clothes
Sewing Swamp Cooler Covers Custom
Sewing Tailoring
Sewing Wind Sock Production
Sheet Metal Working
Shoe Repair
Shoe Shining
Sign Painting
Sign - Wood - Carved
Sign - Wood - Sand Blasted
Silk Flowers Bulk Sales
Silk screening Items Shirts, Bags
Silver Cleaning
Singing Children's Singing Groups
Singing Singing Telegrams
Singing Telegram - Broker
Skin Care Make overs, facials, electrolysis, Waxing, Body toning products
Slide Shows Commercial
Snow Removal
Sod - Installation
Sod - Sales
Soft Water Equipment Installation
Soft Water Equipment Sales
Sound Collecting & Digitizing
Sound Effects Library Making
Special Event Organizer
Specialty Fortune Cookie Messages
Speech Analysis
Sports Equipment Rental
Sports Equipment Repair
Sports Equipment Tetherball Set Making
Sports Golf Club Rebuilding
Sports Gymnastics Coaching
Sports Private Coach
Sports Ski Waxing & Binding Repair
Sports Skiing Lessons
Sports Surfing Instruction
Sports Swimming Lessons
Sports Tennis Lessons
Sports Tetherball Set Making
Sprinkler System - Design / Installation
Sprinkler System - Repairs / Modifications
Squirrel Control
Stain and Fungus Removal
Stain Removal
Stained Glass Windows Designer / Pattern
Stained Glass Windows Making
Stamp Collecting
State Political Lobbyist
Stock Market Player
Storage Space Rental
Stress Management
Stuffing Mail/Ads
Substitute Teacher
Survival Training
Swamp Cooler - Pre Season Prep
Swamp Cooler - Repair
Swamp Cooler - Winterizing
Sweatshirt / T shirt Painting
Swimming Pool - Design
Swimming Pool - Installation - Above Ground
Swimming Pool - Repair
Swing Set - Design
Swing Set - Installer
Swing Set - Maintenance

T shirt making
Tanning Studio
Tapestry Design and Sales
Tax Advice
Tax Planning
Tax Preparation
Teacher's Assistant
Teepee Making (play houses)
Telemarketing (telephone soliciting for others)
Telemarketing for your own goods
Telephone 8O0 number subleasing
Telephone 900 number subleasing
Telephone Etiquette Training
Telephone Repair
Telephone Surveys
Temp Agency
Temporaries broker
Tent Making
Theater Amateur Put on Plays for Community
Ticket Scalper
Tie Resizing Narrowing
Tips Hotline
Tole Painting
Tole Painting Plaques & wood blank supply
Toys Design
Toys Making and Sales
Trailer Hitch Installation
Training Course Planning
Training Manual Design
Traler Rental
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Trophy Sales
Tropical Fish Auctions
Tropical Fish Care
Tuxedos - Get business for stores

Upholstery Auto
Upholstery Furniture
Used Brick - Cleaning from Demolished Bldgs

Vending Machine
Vending Machines
Video Rentals
Video Sales
Videotapes of Children for Identification
Visa Paperwork Preparer

Waiter / Waitress for parties
Water Bed Construction
Water Bed Design
Water Heater Replacements
Water ski tours
Water Softener - Installation
Water Softener - Repair
Water Softener - Salt Supply and Inserting
Waxing, facials, skin care
Weaving Hand
Weaving Machine
Wedding Decoration - Rent Out and Set Up
Wedding Dress - Alterations
Wedding Dress - Rentals
Wedding Dress - Sales - New
Wedding Dress - Sales - Used
Wedding Planning
Weekly Seminar Broker
Weight Control Clinic
Welding - Broken Equipment
Willow Furniture Making
Window Cleaning
Window Replacement
Windshield Chip Repair
Windshield Replacement and Repair
Wood Project Pattern Design and Sales
Wood Selling (for fireplaces)
Woodcarving - Broker of Other’s Carvings
Wooden Deck Design and Installation
Wooden/metal plant stand construction
Workshop Promotion
Writing - Advertisement Copy
Writing - Arts Reviewing
Writing - Book Jacket Text
Writing - Book Reviews
Writing - Books
Writing - Business Letters
Writing - Business Writing Consultant
Writing - Editorials
Writing - Fact Checking
Writing - Fortune Cookie Messages
Writing - Grant Appeals! Proposals
Writing - Greeting Cards
Writing - Internet Page Copy
Writing - Job Application Letters
Writing - Magazine Articles
Writing - Manuscript Criticism
Writing - Medical Proofreading
Writing - Newsletters
Writing - Press Releases
Writing - Resumes
Writing - Script Summaries For Agents
Writing - Scripts
Writing - Speeches
Writing - Tutoring
Wrought Iron Work Design & Sales

Yard Care - Aerating
Yard Care - Landscaping
Yard Care - Lawn Care Weed Spraying
Yard Care - Lawn Care Mowing
Yard Care - Lawn Seeding
Yard Care - Lawn Sod Laying
Yard Care - Of repossessed properties for banks
Yard Care - Power Raking
Yard Care - Spraying fertilizer, weeds, bugs
Yard Care - Sprinkler System Installation
Yard Care - Tree Pruning
Yard Care - Weed Pulling
Youth Makeup Consultant

Monday, February 4, 2008

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